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IMS World Forum will take place in Barcelona at Fira Palace Hotel this week. Organizers invited Zingaya to participate in the conference and its Day 0 pre-conference WebRTC workshop where we will discuss WebRTC progress, its future, how it affects telcos, etc. and, of course, we will show/see a lot of interesting WebRTC demos.  You [...]

Bored of those Angry Birds? Yawning every time a friend sends you another Snapchat? Words with Friends lost its luster? Well, the brand new Zingaya iOS app is probably not the cure for those unfortunate issues. But what it can promise is a lightning fast, one-touch way for you to get live phone support with [...]

We’re happy to announce that the Zingaya click-to-call widget is now available on Lexity’s App Platform, which serves e-commerce businesses (with a particular emphasis on helping smaller companies grow their online sales).  E-commerce companies can add the Zingaya app (and start their 14 day free trial) here: We look forward to being a part of [...]

Some Zingaya news today: we’ve begun working with Bandwidth to help us continue to grow our user base in the United States. Here’s the press release: True Click-to-Call Provider Zingaya Selects Bandwidth for Nationwide Wholesale Voice Services Early Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) adopter becomes the latest innovator to benefit from Bandwidth’s start-up friendly deployment models [...]

WebRTC is coming to Android, video has been done on Google Nexus 4 using Google Chrome Beta with WebRTC activated in chrome://flags . As you can see Zingaya already works well on mobile device, of course, we will change the UI of mobile widget, because it has to be optimized for touch.

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We have updated our WebRTC widget to make it more stable, now it uses websockets instead of AJAX and it works much better. We have already implemented Firefox WebRTC support, but since it’s hidden behind a special flag in current release version of Firefox we will enable WebRTC support in Firefox after WebRTC support is [...]

We are happy to be in the list of nominees for two TNW Startup Awards – “Best web app” and “Best design”,  you can vote for us using this link. Thank you for your support! Other nominees include such a great companies like Zeptolab (Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters) and Nginx (no need for special [...]

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We are happy to announce that we have finished our new website development. During the last 2 years we could collect a lot of valuable feedback from our customers and partners, this feedback helped us to make our website much better  and we already see the increase in conversion and other metrics. In addition to [...]

We are delighted to have you as customers and friends, and we appreciate your contribution to our success this year. We wish you a prosperous and wonderful 2013, and hope your new year is filled with opportunities and pleasure in all you do! And we’ll have lots of cool surprises for you next year, so [...]

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