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New OS from Apple was released on July 21 and, of course, new software means new compatibility problems with existing software and applications. It appeared that Adobe hasn’t prepared its software for new OS and as a result we have a lot of issues that affect user experience. The worst problem for now: Flash Player [...]

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Few weeks ago Google released WebRTC, a new open project that provides Internet users with the ability to communicate in real-time via voice and video by simply using a Real-Time Communications (RTC) compatible browser. We think it’s great for further evolution of the Internet and web technologies and, of course, we will work hard to add WebRTC support [...]

iPhone, iPad and Android devices are becoming a part of our life and people use them even more than laptops and PCs, for us it’s not easy to bring Zingaya capabilities to mobile devices, because Apple doesn’t support Adobe Flash on mobile devices and Adobe Flash on Android has no required capabilities (microphone support). We [...]

Zingaya Analytics. Work in progress

We are working on new useful function for our customers – analytics. It will help to visualize information about all your calls made by your customers using Zingaya click-to-call function on your website. Do you want to see calls number per day, month or max, min, average call duration, or map overlay to get the [...]

Adobe released new Flash Player 10.3 with built-in acoustic cancellation support, it means that all Zingaya users will have even better quality of audio while calling (and lesser hardware resources required for us to handle the same amount of calls . It’s really the big step in browser-based telephony world and we are looking forward [...]