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Browsing archives for August, 2011

 Everybody faces extension dialing while calling to different business phone numbers, it helps you with navigation in complicated IVR menus. It’s reasonable when you use a phone, because there is no other way to do that in most cases, but when it comes to making calls from web using Zingaya we have a great new [...]

Flash Player 11 beta 2 was released for developers in August 8, 2011. 11th version of Flash player will bring us new exciting capabilities, including native G.711 codec support (PCMU&PCMA), fixed enhanced microphone bug to let all our users take benefits of client-side acoustic echo cancellation support, H.264 encoding and it will be released for [...]

Hello everyone, in the previous post we mentioned that early adopters who already installed Mac OS X Lion have faced some problems while using Adobe Flash Player. Finally update has arrived, please get the latest version of Flash using the following link

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