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 Everybody faces extension dialing while calling to different business phone numbers, it helps you with navigation in complicated IVR menus. It’s reasonable when you use a phone, because there is no other way to do that in most cases, but when it comes to making calls from web using Zingaya we have a great new option – customer can select a question he is interested in before making the call and it will be routed to the selected branch of IVR menu. This approach has a lot of advantages for both businesses and their customers, because it reduces amount of time customers spend in complicated IVR menu.

We tried to make setup of the feature as simple as possible. You need to specify your number or SIP URI in special format while editing a widget: put delimiter | after the number and then you can specify digits [0-9], *, # and pauses [p] to let Zingaya automatically traverse the menu right after the call. For example, you have a phone number like  18881234567 and IVR menu in place with 2 levels where first level offers the following options: 1 – customer service for existing customers, 2 – for new customers, 3 – for Spanish , and second level for option 1 from the first level offers the following options: 1 – get current account balance, 2 – cancel some operation, 3 – contact operator for help. If you want to connect your existing customer with operator right after the click on ‘contact operator’ link powered by Zingaya on some webpage then you need to enter phone number in the following format: 18881234567|1p3 , p adds pause with 300ms length. Maybe you need to add more pauses before selecting any menu options because it depends on your IVR system and menu, you can adjust this by yourself.

We hope that you will find this new feature very useful to improve your online customer service and looking forward to get feedback from our customers about it.