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A lot of companies (if not all) use Google Analytics. No need to describe what this tool is about and why it’s very important for businesses. We tried to understand if there is a way for seamless integration between Zingaya and Google Analytics and finally find the right way to do that. We’ve just started working on that feature, but the idea is to track Zingaya Events (call button clicked, call connected, call failed, etc.) with Google Analytics and show this information to companies right in GA interface in Events section. You can see the screenshot with example below.

We will let you know when it’s done in separate blog post.

  • Mark Schenkel

    Sorry for posting a “promotional” post. But it sounds like you are trying to create a dashboard of sorts so that your customers can see their own usage statistics. I work with We are a 3rd party web service which integrates with the Google Analytics API to allow content providers/webmasters to easily embed realtime Google Analtyics based charts into their site. This is done without you having to learn the Google Analytics API (which can be time consuming). We have done many CMS (Content Management System) integrations such as this. Please check us out and I would be happy to provide more detail on ways we could help you. If anything we could provide you a temporary solution until you built out your own statistical reporting.