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Hello, we were working hard to bring you new enhanced version of Zingaya and now it’s ready! Please meet our new widget and new system for embedding Zingaya button into your website, both were developed to make the service even simpler and improve UX/UI. First, let us tell you about new system for embedding. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is the best way to embed Zingaya click-to-call button into a website. After we analyzed usage data from our current customers we found that it’s a good idea to embed your button near the phone number on your website: people will be able to choose how they would like to call you, using Zingaya or usual phone. By the way, you can always combine phone number and button by specifying your phone number as button’s label.

Zingaya Button Wizard will assist you during the process, you just need to click on “HTML Code” button in Widgets section of Zingaya Control Panel to launch it.

It will take few seconds to load the Wizard and you will see the first step screen where you can customize your button. There are a lot of options: size, icon, label text, tip text, colors, etc. It’s rather straightforward, just play with it a little to create your button.

You can adjust some additional parameters of the button by clicking on ‘Show Advanced’ orange button

When you are ready to proceed just click on a green button. Wizard will show the following screen where you can select HTML code type and copy the code to a clipboard

No need to use external javascript library anymore, just paste the code and let your customers call you online for free. We hope to see new Zingaya buttons on many websites in the near future! If you have any feedback just post it in the comments section below or send it using contact form on our website.

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