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Unfortunately on many Macs Adobe Flash crashes all the time (in all browsers) after an upgrade to the new version. After some investigation Adobe informed that the reason is in some 3rd party Fonts you could install, we are posting the solution for those who have this problem and hope that Adobe will fix it in the next release (ASAP).

The steps are:
1. exit out of all applications
2. launch terminal
3. type the following and hit return: sudo fs_usage -f pathname | grep Font
4. launch firefox and navigate to youtube
5. view the output in terminal for the font that is causing the crash
6. move the font outside of the font directory (save it somewhere else if you need it for other work)
7. refresh the browser window with youtube
8. view the output in terminal again and repeat moving the questional font outside to another location
9. keep repeating until you no longer get errors
10. if it turns out ok, after the final refresh… content should disply

P.S. you can get more info in Adobe Forums

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  • jussy

    Thanks for this.
    I tried it and got apparently hundreds of fonts listed in Terminal. How do you identify the problem ones?