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Today WebRTC became available in the Chrome dev channel, it means that release version of the Chrome browser with WebRTC support will become available soon. Zingaya will use new exciting capabilities of WebRTC to provide our customers and users with the best possible experience. Thanks to Google, Ericsson, Voxeo, Cisco and Mozilla for their work, [...]

It was very exciting to meet with Robert personally in Rackspace HQ today, I want to say BIG thanks to him again for his review of Zingaya. He posted it in Google Plus/FB/Twitter and a lot of people commented and shared it, asked their questions, I tried to answer all of them, sorry if I [...]

Thanks to everyone who supported us in the previous year and to all our dear clients! We promise to continue improvement of Zingaya to make it better and add very exciting and useful features in 2012. Stay tuned!

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