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Browsing archives for March, 2012

WE’VE JUST RECEIVED NOTICE THAT YOU CAN TRY ZINGAYA IN YOUR RELEASE VERSION OF CHROME (at least in 18.0.1025.142) As we mentioned in our previous post, Google is working on a Google Chrome dev build to let developers play with an early implementation of WebRTC technology. We’ve prepared a demo to let you try WebRTC [...]

It may still be a little too close to winter to put on our swimming trunks, but that hasn’t stopped us from some exciting news: has become Zingaya’s first North American retail customer. SwimOutlet, a “Hot 100 E-Retailer of 2012″ and “Top 10 Mobile Commerce E-Retailer” according to Internet Retailer (and they would know), [...]

We’re excited to unveil Zingaya Enterprise, a freshly updated platform and API that enables VoIP calls from a browser or a mobile app with a single click. This announcement aims to help: -Developers, who can build out mobile VoIP apps using the API. -Support desks, who can accelerate resolutions. -E-Commerce companies, who can improve conversion [...]

How can companies better integrate their customer service with their social and marketing approach? That’s one of the questions Forrester analyst Diane Clarkson recently discussed in a blog entry titled “Deepening the Relationship Between Marketing and Service is Critical for Social Success.” Because of the general increased availability of brands and the onset of social [...]

We’re techie guys here at Zingaya, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the aesthetics of a well-crafted landing page.  (And all the more relevant if that landing page is an e-commerce one.) That’s why this article in Website Magazine caught our discerning eye: it boils down 2011 to the best five e-commerce landing pages. [...]

This screen was posted in , looks like it’s already much better than Adobe Flash Privacy dialog, but WebRTC team promised to work more to make it better. From our point of view it misses [x]Remember option, to let people remember privacy settings for domains they trust. Great to see the progress! Let’s hope [...]