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We’re techie guys here at Zingaya, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the aesthetics of a well-crafted landing page.  (And all the more relevant if that landing page is an e-commerce one.) That’s why this article in Website Magazine caught our discerning eye: it boils down 2011 to the best five e-commerce landing pages. Some might call this the Oscars for Landing Pages, but with arguably less fanfare.

We mostly agree with Website Magazine’s selections, but we also firmly believe every great e-commerce website has to have: 1) fantastic visual appeal, 2) an uncluttered design, and 3) seamlessly integrated ways to contact customer service. Breaking these five pages out, we extol The North Face for the attractive imagery used (as shown below), we laude Old Navy for getting a lot of information to the visitor without cluttering the page, and we commend Lush for incorporating a way to contact their service desk (even though adding a Zingaya widget would be a nice complement to their 1-800 number…).

Fantastic visual appeal from The North Face.

But whether you’re in the e-commerce business or a regular e-commerce shopper, take a look at these varied examples compiled by Website Magazine. Which is your favorite? Have any other examples of great e-commerce landing pages?