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How can companies better integrate their customer service with their social and marketing approach? That’s one of the questions Forrester analyst Diane Clarkson recently discussed in a blog entry titled “Deepening the Relationship Between Marketing and Service is Critical for Social Success.”

Because of the general increased availability of brands and the onset of social media, customers expect more immediacy in getting attention, having their questions answered, and getting problems solved. Speed and efficiency aren’t just nice to have – they’re expected. The issue is: can customer support not only keep up with social media, but also help drive social initiatives? We certainly hope so. Our click-to-call widget, available on any web-based property, is designed to transition a potential customer from the informational stage to putting them on the phone with someone. (And doing so in one click of a mouse.) After all, how can you deepen the relationship between marketing and customer service more than creating instant one-on-one communication? Especially as web browsing increasingly transitions to mobile and portable devices, it’s important to let customers connect to support whether they’re at their desk, on the couch, or on the patio.

Better integration between social and customer service has probably always been a goal of companies – but it will be interesting to see how the gap is bridged between what Ms. Clarkson describes as “objective and performance.” The tools exist to help fuse the two, companies just need to strategize on how to best integrate them.