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Telecom consultant and expert Alan Quayle has been in and around the telecom industry for years, working for a wide range of global telecom firms including Lucent and BT. In the early 1990s, Alan led one of the first Video-on-Demand demonstrations over DSL. He also founded Teltier, a pioneer solution of wireless presence and availability that was later acquired by Cisco.

Alan recently wrote a good overview of the impact of WebRTC.  Among a lot of interesting insights, Alan writes that WebRTC will add new methods to CRM tools: “click from email, from webpage, from app, from TV: the ability to communicate becomes embedded in most transactions.

This is an exciting and disruptive vision and it’s why we built a WebRTC version of Zingaya (using Google Chrome Beta) and why we at Zingaya are excited about our involvement with the WebRTC standards.

But the vision that Alan describes isn’t just the stuff of the future. It’s here today and is beginning to be adopted on a rather wide scale.

In the past few months alone, more than 50 companies in the U.S. have signed up to use Zingaya’s click-to-call technology. Zingaya makes it easy to click on a link and – with no software download – talk directly to somebody at a call center.

We see our adopters in 2 broad categories:

Online Sales

When customers need instant and interactive sales assistance, they simply click the button to talk to your sales staff, all without leaving your website. No phone is needed, and no callback is involved.

Customer Service

When customers need help, they’re only a click away from talking to a live representative. The ability to engage and interact with customers via the web is critical to delivering superior customer service.

We are excited about the promise of WebRTC, and in the meantime, our customers are excited about using Zingaya today.