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“Wow, calling customer service and getting this automated phone tree is awesome,” said no one, ever. The seemingly endless customer service phone tree – where you’re asked to press 1, then 3, then 4, then maybe 1 again, perhaps still without getting helpful information – is a long-standing frustration for, well, just about everyone.

But there are ways around it! Some of you might have heard of, a website that compiles the best tips and tricks for speeding through phone trees (or avoiding them altogether) to get real, live customer support. They’re a great first resource for anyone needing help without the annoyance of that automated, robotic voice that doesn’t understand your needs.

Things just got better. We’ve integrated into GetHuman’s site to give anyone the absolutely fastest and easiest way of getting through to customer service (and it’s free). People can now click-to-call customer support at tons of companies and be instantly talking through their browser, getting the assistance they need as quickly as possible. Companies may not be abandoning their phone trees anytime soon, but at least you now have a cool way to make your experience more efficient.

Try it out on and let us know what you think!