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Quote RollerDoing business with your company should be easier than ever – that’s one reason we have the internet, right? Your online customers shouldn’t have to guess where to click to find and buy your products, nor should they have to  wait on hold forever when something’s amiss. Even so,  many online purchase decisions are made irrationally and it’s your goal to make the process of your customer contacting you as intuitive and unobtrusive as possible. Doing so is a benefit for your customer – which is a benefit to you.

The urge to buy can fluctuate by the second, and you might lose a potential deal. Therefore, it’s important to make it easy for a potential buyer to spend money and contact you right away, be it a B2C or B2B domain.

E-commerce is growing strong, and more and more people prefer to shop online. The advantages are clear: no lines, no crowds, no heavy lifting, and no more plastic bags. However, one key piece is missing – there’s no one you can ask for assistance and help as easily and quickly as you could in a brick and mortar store.

There are two kinds of shoppers, be it online or offline:
1. Those who like to explore and find what they are looking for by themselves.
2. Those who instantly look for an assistant to be guided.

Looking at the online world, the first type of customer listed above will click links and read reviews. Your second type of online customer will more likely go to a search field, a live chat assistant or look for a 1-800 phone number. It takes time to find what they are looking for and to sift through the results. Their help options, while available, can be unfulfilling: live chats have a tendency to be busy or offline, and calling a phone number breaks up the online shopping experience.

Zingaya solves all the problems above and integrates the “offline shopping assistant” right into the online buying experience. With the Zingaya widget, the second type of customer can use the click-to-call button for free without taking their eyes of your website.

For example, if your business is a B2B SaaS application, chances are that you have a signup page with several plans and options to choose from. Again, some of your potential customers – who are the second type – might find it hard to make a decision, which could cost you a buyer.

Take a look at Quote Roller, a recent Zingaya user and an application that lets you create, track and manage sales proposals. Quote Roller has integrated our click-to-call button right into their signup page. It’s a strategic option to convert more customers, as experienced sales reps are able to sell over the phone more efficiently.

Quote Roller  Zingaya Button

“Zingaya’s click-to-call button helps us deliver confidence and trust to future customers. We have a better conversion rate and can answer acute questions and explain how Quote Roller solves them,” said Sasha Kovaliov, Marketing Director of Quote Roller. “Quote Roller, like Zingaya, offers cutting-edge tools for businesses around the world. Quote Roller solves rudimentary offline practices, which are still preserved in a relatively new online universe. Just several years ago PDF or Word documents were the most popular means to send a proposal. However, they lack many modern features we are used to: no efficient collaboration, problems with digital signature, no tracking and interactivity, compatibility issues, etc.”

Quote Roller offers a robust proposals management system, which was created with online experience in mind. Sales reps can track proposals and include interactive portfolios in their proposals, the quotes are always up-to-date and available on the web, there is nothing to download and they can be signed digitally.

Quote Roller  Screens
Which one is easier: a paper proposal or a digital proposal you can sign instantly and start working on?