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We hope everyone’s 2013 is off to a solid start. If you’re still shopping for New Year’s resolutions, might we suggest making more phone calls through your browser? ;)

Our goal at Zingaya is to make web communication faster and more convenient by letting website visitors place calls to companies and customer service desks through their browsers. As many of you know, we recently partnered with to pair their

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one-stop shop for all things customer service with our click-to-call technology. We’re really excited about this implementation, and were happy to hear we aren’t the only ones who thinks so. We wanted to share this real-world experience we received from a new Zingaya fan:

A few months ago I was traveling from San Francisco to the Middle East to Washington, DC (and then, finally, back to SFO). I needed to make some changes to my itinerary and hotel. My cell phone wasn’t working in the Middle East and I was challenged with keeping it charged both there and in DC. Luckily I realized I could go to - and I was able to CALL FOR FREE, through my laptop, to my airline (United) and also to my hotels. Just by clicking on the Zingaya call button “Call free via web.” I didn’t have to type in any numbers, I didn’t use any call minutes, nor did I ever need to use a phone. Also found it nice that I didn’t have to download any software. My hands were free to look through web pages or work while I was on hold and/or talking with the airline and the hotels. And, I spoke with a human being and quickly accomplished what I needed to do. Wow. Thanks to you and GetHuman for making a stressful part of my trip go seamlessly!

The next time you need to find a company’s contact info (and want to call them from your browser), head on over to GetHuman and let us know how your experience was!