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Browsing archives for April, 2013

It’s now possible to change notification settings in Notifications part of admin interface. If you specify your mobile phone number for notifications Zingaya will also send the most important notifications (expiring trial, end of prepaid period, etc.) to specified number using SMS.

IMS World Forum will take place in Barcelona at Fira Palace Hotel this week. Organizers invited Zingaya to participate in the conference and its Day 0 pre-conference WebRTC workshop where we will discuss WebRTC progress, its future, how it affects telcos, etc. and, of course, we will show/see a lot of interesting WebRTC demos.  You [...]

Bored of those Angry Birds? Yawning every time a friend sends you another Snapchat? Words with Friends lost its luster? Well, the brand new Zingaya iOS app is probably not the cure for those unfortunate issues. But what it can promise is a lightning fast, one-touch way for you to get live phone support with [...]