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Zingaya LogoUnfortunately web browsers for iOS devices still don’t support technologies required for Zingaya to work without any download/installation required. We mean WebRTC standard which is really close to reach “W3C recommendation” level, hopefully after that Apple will consider adding WebRTC support in Safari. Our iOS users are already familiar with Zingaya app we built as a workaround – after you clicked Zingaya button in mobile browser you will be forwarded either to the App Store (if the app not installed yet) or the app will be automatically launched and make a free call (using data connection). We updated the application, made a lot of improvements and fixed UI design to match iOS7 users expectations.Please meet Zingaya 2.0 for iOS:
Zingaya app 5Zingaya app 6Zingaya app 1Zingaya app 2Zingaya app 3Zingaya app4

Download the updated application from the App Store right now:
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