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Apple recently released a new version of it’s Safari web browser with WebRTC support for voice and video calls. Our new Web SDK fully supports both desktop and mobile browser versions, allowing your clients to make calls from Apple computers and iPhones/iPads. We also added Microsoft Edge support, so your clients can now click-to-call from [...]

We are delighted to have you as customers and friends, and we appreciate your contribution to our success this year. We wish you a prosperous and wonderful 2013, and hope your new year is filled with opportunities and pleasure in all you do! And we’ll have lots of cool surprises for you next year, so [...]

The Internet Revolution’s greatest impact on the retail industry has been to deliver greater self-service power to shoppers. Where shoppers once depended almost solely upon in-store sales clerks and toll-free contact center agents for in-depth information and to execute purchases, the internet added a channel that was often-times more helpful and convenient for shoppers while [...]

If the underlying assumptions behind certain business decisions are no longer true, intelligent companies revisit those decisions. For more than a decade, companies could safely assume that nearly all web-browsing was taking place on the desktop or the tabletop. The screen and the keyboard were large and hands were generally free to perform functions like [...]

“Wow, calling customer service and getting this automated phone tree is awesome,” said no one, ever. The seemingly endless customer service phone tree – where you’re asked to press 1, then 3, then 4, then maybe 1 again, perhaps still without getting helpful information – is a long-standing frustration for, well, just about everyone. But [...]

Thanks to everyone who supported us in the previous year and to all our dear clients! We promise to continue improvement of Zingaya to make it better and add very exciting and useful features in 2012. Stay tuned!

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