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A lot of our customers use integration with Google Analytics to track the efficiency of their online calls. As you may know, Google released the new version of their analytics and called it Universal Analytics. There is number of differences between two systems, and integration with Google Analytics doesn’t send events from Zingaya to Universal [...]

It’s now possible to change notification settings in Notifications part of admin interface. If you specify your mobile phone number for notifications Zingaya will also send the most important notifications (expiring trial, end of prepaid period, etc.) to specified number using SMS.

Bored of those Angry Birds? Yawning every time a friend sends you another Snapchat? Words with Friends lost its luster? Well, the brand new Zingaya iOS app is probably not the cure for those unfortunate issues. But what it can promise is a lightning fast, one-touch way for you to get live phone support with [...]

Doing business with your company should be easier than ever – that’s one reason we have the internet, right? Your online customers shouldn’t have to guess where to click to find and buy your products, nor should they have to  wait on hold forever when something’s amiss. Even so,  many online purchase decisions are made [...]

WE’VE JUST RECEIVED NOTICE THAT YOU CAN TRY ZINGAYA IN YOUR RELEASE VERSION OF CHROME (at least in 18.0.1025.142) As we mentioned in our previous post, Google is working on a Google Chrome dev build to let developers play with an early implementation of WebRTC technology. We’ve prepared a demo to let you try WebRTC [...]

How can companies better integrate their customer service with their social and marketing approach? That’s one of the questions Forrester analyst Diane Clarkson recently discussed in a blog entry titled “Deepening the Relationship Between Marketing and Service is Critical for Social Success.” Because of the general increased availability of brands and the onset of social [...]

We’re techie guys here at Zingaya, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the aesthetics of a well-crafted landing page.  (And all the more relevant if that landing page is an e-commerce one.) That’s why this article in Website Magazine caught our discerning eye: it boils down 2011 to the best five e-commerce landing pages. [...]

When we were working on the design of our Control Panel we tried to keep menu as simple as possible and that’s why we had only 1 level menu so far. But when we decided to add some new features it appeared that we couldn’t do that without adding 2nd level, so this post is [...]

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Unfortunately on many Macs Adobe Flash crashes all the time (in all browsers) after an upgrade to the new version. After some investigation Adobe informed that the reason is in some 3rd party Fonts you could install, we are posting the solution for those who have this problem and hope that Adobe will fix it [...]

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Hello, we were working hard to bring you new enhanced version of Zingaya and now it’s ready! Please meet our new widget and new system for embedding Zingaya button into your website, both were developed to make the service even simpler and improve UX/UI. First, let us tell you about new system for embedding. We [...]