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Firefox 22 with WebRTC support enabled by default was released today. Zingaya will start using WebRTC in new Firefox automatically. More than 50% of all browsers support WebRTC and high quality real time audio and video communication now. Great day for us and our customers!

You can see a screenshot of Zingaya widget in Firefox 22 below:

Zingaya WebRTC widget in Firefox 22

Zingaya WebRTC widget in Firefox 22

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According to Mozilla’s Wiki Firefox 22 with WebRTC support enabled by default will be released on week of June 24. WebRTC is also available in the latest release of Google Chrome for Android, but it’s disabled by default (you can enable it in chrome://flags), we have a feeling that it will be enabled by default in the next release. Guys from Opera disabled all WebRTC-related code in their Opera Next first release, but they told us that it would be enabled as fast as possible (high priority). It appeared that June would be a month of a lot of new WebRTC releases and don’t forget about WebRTC Expo Conference that will take place in Atlanta.

P.S. WebRTC version of Zingaya click-to-call works in both Firefox 22 and Google Chrome for Android, so it will become fully functional right after the browsers are released.

It’s now possible to change notification settings in Notifications part of admin interface. If you specify your mobile phone number for notifications Zingaya will also send the most important notifications (expiring trial, end of prepaid period, etc.) to specified number using SMS.

IMS World Forum will take place in Barcelona at Fira Palace Hotel this week. Organizers invited Zingaya to participate in the conference and its Day 0 pre-conference WebRTC workshop where we will discuss WebRTC progress, its future, how it affects telcos, etc. and, of course, we will show/see a lot of interesting WebRTC demos.  You can read more info about the event and its participants in Alan Quayle’s blog post

Here is a photo from the event:

Bored of those Angry Birds? Yawning every time a friend sends you another Snapchat? Words with Friends lost its luster? Well, the brand new Zingaya iOS app is probably not the cure for those unfortunate issues. But what it can promise is a lightning fast, one-touch way for you to get live phone support with many of the companies you already interact with every month.

So how does it work? Let’s look at an extreme example. Say you’re on the way to the airport when you get a flat tire. You’re going to miss your flight but want to try to get on the next one. Rather than fumbling through the interwebs on your phone, looking for a 1-800 number to call American Airlines (or whatever your preferred aviation provider is), you can open your trusty Zingaya app, find “American Airlines” (conveniently listed in the “Travel” genre), touch it, and you’re automatically calling their customer support line.

In short, we’re bringing the single-click calling we’ve developed for your desktop and laptop web browsers and put it into a handy app that links you to lots and lots of company customer service departments, like AT&T, Comcast, airlines, you name it (and we’ll be adding more continuously).

And for all those websites that already have Zingaya embedded right on their mobile website, like or Just tap the Zingaya button and your call will automatically start, transferred right to the respective company’s customer service rep.

The fastest way to contact customer service departments.

The fastest way to contact customer service departments.

Touch-to-Call: find the company you want to contact, and touch to start your call.

Touch-to-Call: find the company you want to contact, and touch to start your call.


We’re happy to announce that the Zingaya click-to-call widget is now available on Lexity’s App Platform, which serves e-commerce businesses (with a particular emphasis on helping smaller companies grow their online sales). lexity-250x135

E-commerce companies can add the Zingaya app (and start their 14 day free trial) here:

We look forward to being a part of the great e-commerce app family at Lexity!

Some Zingaya news today: we’ve begun working with Bandwidth to help us continue to grow our user base in the United States.

Here’s the press release:

True Click-to-Call Provider Zingaya Selects Bandwidth for Nationwide Wholesale Voice Services

Early Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) adopter becomes the latest innovator to benefit from Bandwidth’s start-up friendly deployment models

RALEIGH, N.C.–Bandwidth, the leading choice for innovative and scalable voice, 9-1-1 and SMS solutions, today announced the addition of Zingaya, a developer of Web-based VoIP applications for e-commerce websites and customer service call centers, to its roster of innovative communication service provider customers.

“Our mission is to remove the complications from the telecommunications industry so that emerging and innovative companies like Zingaya can deliver on their ideas and provide these unique services to its customers.”

“Our goal at Zingaya is to make web communication faster and more convenient by letting website visitors place calls to companies and customer service desks through their browsers,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO of Zingaya. “Having the ability to leverage Bandwidth’s nationwide wholesale network allows us to focus on what we do best: ensure our customers have the best user experience possible by placing free calls with one click. Because of Bandwidth’s ability to give us reliable and cost-efficient VoIP termination in the U.S. market, we’ll be able to scale to serve even more users.”

Zingaya supports nearly 500,000 calls per month, totaling more than two-million call minutes, across more than 500 business customers. Key customers include human resources technology provider, e-commerce provider and conferencing provider As a company that targets small businesses through large enterprises with its one-click VoIP service, it had outgrown its retail carrier’s capabilities and was in search of more robust APIs, better number management capabilities, improved call quality and more competitive pricing. After evaluating several carriers, Zingaya decided to move all of its voice traffic to Bandwidth.

“Cutting-edge over-the-top voice and messaging providers represent the future of telecommunications,” said Steve Leonard, SVP and General Manager of Bandwidth. “Our mission is to remove the complications from the telecommunications industry so that emerging and innovative companies like Zingaya can deliver on their ideas and provide these unique services to its customers.”

Zingaya joins the ranks of like-minded innovators that include Google Voice, Pinger and Groupme who have all taken advantage of Bandwidth’s ability to abstract the complexity of telecom with APIs, developer platforms and online tools that are tailor-made for software development environments.

About Zingaya
Zingaya empowers website visitors to call into contact centers with a single click from their browser. No phone or download is required. Zingaya offers website operators this seamless voice calling functionality to enhance overall customer experience, accelerate resolutions, improve conversion rates and increase average order values. Zingaya is a private, professionally financed technology company founded by VoIP experts. For more information, visit

WebRTC is coming to Android, video has been done on Google Nexus 4 using Google Chrome Beta with WebRTC activated in chrome://flags . As you can see Zingaya already works well on mobile device, of course, we will change the UI of mobile widget, because it has to be optimized for touch.

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We have updated our WebRTC widget to make it more stable, now it uses websockets instead of AJAX and it works much better. We have already implemented Firefox WebRTC support, but since it’s hidden behind a special flag in current release version of Firefox we will enable WebRTC support in Firefox after WebRTC support is enabled by default there. With Firefox more than 50% of all calls will become WebRTC-based. Some users can’t make calls using WebRTC when they are behind firewalls or proxies where UDP isn’t allowed, but we see that it’s less than 1% of users and they still can try to use Flash version of Zingaya in Opera, Safari or IE, where TCP/HTTP data transfer is supported.


We are happy to be in the list of nominees for two TNW Startup Awards – “Best web app” and “Best design”,  you can vote for us using this link. Thank you for your support! Other nominees include such a great companies like Zeptolab (Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters) and Nginx (no need for special introduction ;) )

You can find more information about the event here. Please feel free to join the Meetup , it’s going to be fun and interesting.

Another great news

Fast Company has named Zingaya one of the world’s 10 most innovative companies in Russia! Very happy for the team’s hard work to get us to this point. 2013 is going to be a great year.

You can learn more at

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