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When we were working on the design of our Control Panel we tried to keep menu as simple as possible and that’s why we had only 1 level menu so far. But when we decided to add some new features it appeared that we couldn’t do that without adding 2nd level, so this post is [...]

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As we mentioned in previous post we’ve updated our widget to improve usability and user interface, and we’ve done everything to keep it as simple as possible. Let’s check how Zingaya new widget looks like and what new features it brings. First of all, we added explanation of Flash Privacy ‘Allow/Deny’ dialog, because a lot [...]

Hello, we were working hard to bring you new enhanced version of Zingaya and now it’s ready! Please meet our new widget and new system for embedding Zingaya button into your website, both were developed to make the service even simpler and improve UX/UI. First, let us tell you about new system for embedding. We [...]