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Opus audio codec has been standardized by IETF

Big news for VoIP world! Opus audio codec has now been standardized by IETF as RFC 6716 . Just a little overview for those who is lazy to read about the codec on its website: Opus is a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec. Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet, [...]

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First of all, we decided to write this post, because Microsoft/Skype released their vision of WebRTC in a separate document available here. Zingaya (as a member of WebRTC WG) tracks the progress with WebRTC standard development and we appreciate the efforts of the WG and community which is working hard to bring us open standard for [...]

WE’VE JUST RECEIVED NOTICE THAT YOU CAN TRY ZINGAYA IN YOUR RELEASE VERSION OF CHROME (at least in 18.0.1025.142) As we mentioned in our previous post, Google is working on a Google Chrome dev build to let developers play with an early implementation of WebRTC technology. We’ve prepared a demo to let you try WebRTC [...]

We’re excited to unveil Zingaya Enterprise, a freshly updated platform and API that enables VoIP calls from a browser or a mobile app with a single click. This announcement aims to help: -Developers, who can build out mobile VoIP apps using the API. -Support desks, who can accelerate resolutions. -E-Commerce companies, who can improve conversion [...]

Today WebRTC became available in the Chrome dev channel, it means that release version of the Chrome browser with WebRTC support will become available soon. Zingaya will use new exciting capabilities of WebRTC to provide our customers and users with the best possible experience. Thanks to Google, Ericsson, Voxeo, Cisco and Mozilla for their work, [...]

Flash Player 11 beta 2 was released for developers in August 8, 2011. 11th version of Flash player will bring us new exciting capabilities, including native G.711 codec support (PCMU&PCMA), fixed enhanced microphone bug to let all our users take benefits of client-side acoustic echo cancellation support, H.264 encoding and it will be released for [...]

Few weeks ago Google released WebRTC, a new open project that provides Internet users with the ability to communicate in real-time via voice and video by simply using a Real-Time Communications (RTC) compatible browser. We think it’s great for further evolution of the Internet and web technologies and, of course, we will work hard to add WebRTC support [...]