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We are happy to announce that we have finished our new website development. During the last 2 years we could collect a lot of valuable feedback from our customers and partners, this feedback helped us to make our website much better  and we already see the increase in conversion and other metrics. In addition to [...]

A vote for Zingaya is a vote for freedom! Or, it’s at least a vote for one-click web calling…either way, we’d love your support in the People’s Choice category in The Europas!

We’re excited to announce that the WebRTC version of our click-to-call widget is now available for all Zingaya users and customers! You don’t have to do anything (except celebrate this terrific milestone with us;-))., because our widget automatically recognizes whether a caller’s browser supports WebRTC or not (for now only the latest Google Chrome 23 [...]

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Telecom consultant and expert Alan Quayle has been in and around the telecom industry for years, working for a wide range of global telecom firms including Lucent and BT. In the early 1990s, Alan led one of the first Video-on-Demand demonstrations over DSL. He also founded Teltier, a pioneer solution of wireless presence and availability [...]

WE’VE JUST RECEIVED NOTICE THAT YOU CAN TRY ZINGAYA IN YOUR RELEASE VERSION OF CHROME (at least in 18.0.1025.142) As we mentioned in our previous post, Google is working on a Google Chrome dev build to let developers play with an early implementation of WebRTC technology. We’ve prepared a demo to let you try WebRTC [...]

We’re excited to unveil Zingaya Enterprise, a freshly updated platform and API that enables VoIP calls from a browser or a mobile app with a single click. This announcement aims to help: -Developers, who can build out mobile VoIP apps using the API. -Support desks, who can accelerate resolutions. -E-Commerce companies, who can improve conversion [...]

Today WebRTC became available in the Chrome dev channel, it means that release version of the Chrome browser with WebRTC support will become available soon. Zingaya will use new exciting capabilities of WebRTC to provide our customers and users with the best possible experience. Thanks to Google, Ericsson, Voxeo, Cisco and Mozilla for their work, [...]

It was very exciting to meet with Robert personally in Rackspace HQ today, I want to say BIG thanks to him again for his review of Zingaya. He posted it in Google Plus/FB/Twitter and a lot of people commented and shared it, asked their questions, I tried to answer all of them, sorry if I [...]

Today we’ve upgraded Zingaya to use Amazon CloudFront and it increased speed a lot, especially in Europe and Russia (because Zingaya’s core is situated in US). Amazon’s Edge servers are located in all parts of the world and used to send the static content (including Zingaya button images and Zingaya widget images) to the end [...]

We continue improving Zingaya to provide with the best possible sound quality. New version of the widget uses special bandwidth check feature that helps to detect the audio codec which will be used for the call and check if call is possible with currently available bandwidth and ping. If detected bandwidth or ping isn’t good [...]